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 The Financial Planning Process  

The financial planning process involves taking a holistic approach to your financial situation.  However, the planning process is only as effective as those individuals, families, and small business owners who take advantage of the process.  In other word, the decision has to be made to “take action”.

At E. Roger Financial, we want to put the financial planning process in the hands and minds of everyone seeking to achieve financial balance in their economic life.  This was the primary Impetus that influence our decision to implement the financial planning subscription platform model.


This platform allows you the opportunity to access financial planning on a graded fee structure based on your personal net worth and by paying a nominal set-up fee with the balance of your planning fees payable over 12-months, interest-free.  Of course, there is also the option to pay planning fees upfront, paying a 50% retainer and the balance of fees at the completion of your financial plan.

Lifestyle Financial Planning personalizes the planning process by incorporating elements that is unique to your lifestyle.   The critical elements of the planning process (goals setting, cash flow analysis, risk management, investment planning, retirement planning, tax planning, estate planning) remains consistent, however, there could be some individualize determinants that will influence your plan overall financial strategies.

Regardless of your lifestyle and preferences, your lifestyle financial plan will provide the blueprint to ensure a pathway to achieve your goals and financial security for your economic life.

Did You Know?

Only 28% of Americans are confident that they are financially preparing well for Retirement. Let's change that today!

Did You Know?

Only 10% of Americans are confident that Social Security will continue to provide benefits at least equal to today.

Did You Know?

Only 22% of Americans are confident that they will have enough money to take care of medical expenses in retirement.

Did You Know...

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