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E. Biz Planning Card

The E. Biz Planning Card (Biz Card) is designed to provide micro and small business owners access to business financial planning at a more affordable hourly rate.   The Biz Card is an annually renewable subscription card that allows the purchaser services at an hourly rate of $125.  The purchase of the Biz card does not constitute a financial planning/advisory relationship.  Any services offered as a benefit with the Biz Card does not constitute an investment advisory relationship, requires the execution of  a separate investment advisory or financial planning agreement.

ERFG Biz Planning Card_FRONT.png

Services and benefits included with the E. Biz Planning Card includes:

•    Review/Assess/recommend/Implement Employer Retirement plan
•    Review/Assess/Recommend/Implement Disability & Life Coverage
•    Business Cash Flow Analysis
•    Business Financing Package Review
•    Planning for Government Contracting Readiness
•    Employee Financial Planning (Advisory Agreement Required)
•    Estate Planning (Advisory Agreement Required)
•    Succession Planning

The annually renewable fee for the Biz Planning Cardsm is $79.00.

(Presently, E. Planning Card is only available in the State of Maryland.)

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