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Financial Planning Services
Financial Planning Services

Two key components of the financial planning process are to ensure clients have:

  1. An adequate emergency fund (at least 3-6 months of living expenses)

  2. Implement risk management strategies to protect against financial losses

At E. Roger Financial, we take a holistic approach when addressing a client’s financial needs.  This approach involves a focus on the client’s entire financial wellness picture; planning, investing, budgeting managing risk, and credit. We firmly believe that individuals want a balance between their daily financial needs and their long-term goals.   

Financial wellness requires guidance through a client’s major life decisions based on the full scope of their financial situation.  Financial wellness encompasses comprehensive financial planning that engenders a holistic approach that will empower individuals to establish balance in their financial lives.



A comprehensive financial plan that analyzes the client’s current financial situation, identify ways to improve your financial situation and achieve financial goals without forfeiting your retirement goal.  A key strategy to accumulate a retirement nest egg is to begin saving early and invest regularly.  Additionally, the pre-retirement plan focuses on:

  • Setting & Quantifying Goals

  • Cash Flow analysis

  • Risk management

  • Investment planning

  • Tax planning

  • Estate planning

Another component of the pre-retirement plan is an analysis of the client’s investment portfolio to ensure the proper allocation of assets to achieve an adequate return while mitigating risk-taking into account the client’s risk tolerance, timeframe, and financial resources.



Pre-Retirement planning can be characterized as the Accumulation Phase of saving to meet numerous financial goals including retirement.  Retirement Planning incorporates two additional critical phases to ensure a client achieve their Lifestyle retirement:

  • The transitional phase -- a period when putting together the building blocks for long-term guaranteed income in retirement is so important. (5-10 Years before retirement)

  • The Income Phase – A determination of the retirement income need and income sources over the client’s life expectancy.

In assessing the client’s retirement income needs, the first step is an assessment of the current lifestyle and income requirements and percentage (%) of current income required to maintain the client’s anticipated lifestyle retirement income needs.  Retirement planning includes:

  • Clarifying & Quantifying Goals

  • Current Levels of income & Expense assessment

  • Project long-term lifestyle retirement income needs

  • Anticipated Sources of retirement income

    • Employer-sponsored retirement plans

    • Social Security

    • Individual Savings/Investment

  • Tax Planning Strategies

  • Healthcare Needs

  • Medicare

  • Long Term Care

  • Distribution & Withdrawal Strategies

  • Estate Planning Considerations

 Download your copy of the  "Retirement Lifestyle Workbook"


Risk management is an important aspect of the financial planning process.  Personal risk management includes the potential loss of income, poor health, unemployment, loss of life, property damage/loss, lawsuits, and damage to other’s property.


One of the greatest risks an individual face is the loss of income and the inability to provide the financial needs of self or their family.  One of the most popular ways to manage risk is through the transfer of risk using insurance. Evaluate and ensure you are protected from the following financial losses:

  • Disability

  • Loss of Life

  • Homeowner & Auto

  • Long-term Illness

  • Lawsuits

  • Appropriate Business Coverage (if applicable)



Estate Planning should be a concern regardless of age.  In conjunction with an Estate Attorney, we help to formulate an estate plan to ensure your assets pass according to your wishes and minimize taxes. E. Roger Financial will coordinate meetings with an estate attorney.  Some of the essential documents completed by the attorney include Wills, Durable Powers of Attorney, Trusts, and Advance Medical Directives.



A significant feature of the investment advisory service is to ensure your investments as put to optimal use.  Additionally, we take extraordinary measures to ensure that the client understands each investment and how it fits into the overall investment portfolio to maximize return and minimize risks.

Investment Management Services
Investment Management Services

Nothing is more critical to Wealth Management than strategic Investment Portfolio Management.  Given the Investment Management service and the formal arrangement between E. Roger Financial and the client, we manage the client’s assets listed in the agreement which establishes the extent to which the advisor may act for the benefit of the client based on prescribed guidelines.  The aim is to achieve the return the client needs at a level of risk they are comfortable with.

Typically, E. Roger Financial collaborates with the client, client’s other relevant advisors to develop and implement strategies to protect, grow, and transfer wealth.

Financial Planning for Small Business Owners
Financial Planning for Small Business

Small Business owners invest significant amounts of dollars and time in their enterprise.  We work with small business owners to advise them on how to optimize the return on this investment.  One option for business owners to accomplish this objective is to establish a benefits package for the employees and respective owners.  The benefits package can include a retirement plan, disability and health insurance, Deferred Compensation, and financial planning for employees.

E. Roger Financial assists the business owner in reviewing or assessing the employer’s benefit options and recommend a benefits package that suits the needs of the business owner and employees.  Options may include:

  • Retirement Plan (401k, 403b, SEP, SIMPLE, IRAs)

  • Deferred Compensation Plan

  • Disability Coverage

  • Group Health & Life Coverage

  • Employee Financial Planning sponsored by Employer

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