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E. Planning Card

The E. Planning Card is designed to give individuals access to discounted financial planning services, financial tools, as well as educational resources to enhance their financial wellness.  The E. Planning Card is available (optional) for financial planning/advisory clients with an executed financial planning/advisory agreements as well as non-financial planning clients.

Financial planning clients will have access to information only available through a written financial planning or financial advisory agreement.

The benefits available with the E. Planning Card is available through E. Roger Financial Group,  LLC.  The purchase of the E. Planning Card does not constitute a financial planning/advisory client relationship. 

ERFG Planning Card Update_FRONT.png

The benefits with the E. Planning Card include:

•    10% discount for financial planning services set-up fees,
•    Scheduled quarterly financial plan/portfolio review with client
•    Financial plan updates at no cost, if required
•    Client on-line access to financial plan & ability to what if scenarios
•    Robust online financial calculators
•    Monthly general financial newsletter,
•    Periodic no-cost financial wellness webinars,
•    Periodic market insight articles.
•    Mobile App

The annually renewable fee for the E. Planning Cardsm is $59.00

(Presently, E. Planning Card is only available in the State of Maryland.)

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